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Hey, loyal person who may or may not visit this site often! Happy Easter. If you do celebrate it, I hope you get everything out of it. If you don't, well enjoy the day off if you didn't have it already. Advanced Novice is returning to it's regularly scheduled podcasting time this and we'll have a ton to talk about including Bloodborne, Reign of Kings, and how Nicole says she really doesn't want the new Yoshi's Yarn amiibo but will get it anyways because reasons. If you have any questions you want read on the podcast, tweet us at #AdvNov and we'll read it on the air. We've also updated the stream schedule to include a full month's worth of content. That means you can plan your entire work week and beyond around watching Spencer be terrible at video games! So have a good rest of the day and be sure to pump the embedded jam on the way to your "Gram-Gram's" house. +3 Top Speed -2 MPG - 4/5/15


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