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Pax East is almost upon us! Unless your reading this between the dates of March 6th thru 8th then Pax East is upon us! Nicole and Spencer will be braving the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's Winter Gauntlet o' Fun (otherwise know as public transit) to bring you the latest news from panels, what's happening on the show floor, and pictures of people who gave us their consent to hug them. The contest from the Advanced Novice podcast is still on by the way. If you find Spencer (the gent with the hella good mustache) and say the phrase "Pagin Min did nothing wrong", you'll win a limited edition Marcus bobble head from Borderlands 2 or a slew of other prizes. Spencer will tweet out his outfit every morning so you know what he looks like on our official Twitter (@VSRelated). Worst case, if he runs out of prizes that day, you can get a hug and maybe touch his 'satche. Not creepy at all. See you there! - 3/2/15


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