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D&D Stats Explained with Tomatoes




mindchildofmadness submits:

Strength is being able to crush a tomato.

Dexterity is being able to dodge a tomato.

Constitution is being able to eat a bad tomato.

Intelligence is knowing a tomato is a fruit.

Wisdom is knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad.

Charisma is being able to sell a tomato based fruit salad.



If I stop reblogging this assume I’m dead

(via straightedgecynic)

VSR: Return of the Regular Scheduled Programing

Author: Spencer Cecchini

Rumors of our demise were never told but greatly exaggerated if they were. Yes, we’re all alive. No one is dead yet. I have Joe first in the betting pool though so here’s hoping. We’ve still been playing video games. All of us have some kind of backlog going. Mine’s even public and, Lord alive, have I not been sticking to it. We’ve been watching video games. EVO finals? Holy  shit. The International 4? Meh, but the finals are coming up so we stand to still be assumed. Most of us moved or have been moving around this summer. Having no internet in this day and age is a killer. It felt like a smoker going cold turkey. Recess is over though and we’re all back in our seats.

What does that mean for the website and the stream? It’s back and with a (close to) set schedule. 

Advanced Novice: Nicole and I now have stable lives with stable jobs and stableish schedules and a stable place made of stable brick to record in. That said, we’re picking up where we left off now recording on Mondays and publishing late Tuesday. After 2 months being away from the mic, we have a lot to talk about. Be prepared. I found my Sega Genesis.

Twitch Stream: We love playing video games. We love talking video games. We like Twitch. Okay. We love Twitch. That’s why we’re making a better effort to get more streaming hours under our belts. Expect to be hearing more about it soon.

Quick Taps/Youtube: I told you we like to talk about video games. We like complaining about them more. There are praise pieces too radda radda. More content. More stuff to look at with your special eyes.

Bookmark us. While your at it, take a look back at what we’ve done before. We’re going to be way better that the bar we set on the floor. The bar’s going at least knee high at moderately inconvenient, step over levels. Watch your shins.