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Hello loyal viewer or future one (still cocky)! To start off, the Shovel Knight Let's Play is still coming. I recorded 2+ hours of it last week, watched it, and did not like it at all. It seemed too disingenuous going at it from a theatrical "blind" point of view. I decided I'm going to a take a "post mortem" approach and talk about the game's good's, bad's and not sound like an a**hat. Expect that this week. 

New Quick Tap is up on the blo- Wait? Is that a video? Yup. I'm trying out a new format for Quick Taps. Check out the first in a look at Rock Band 4.

Thanks to Nick from Wrath of Zalis for all the co-op streaming we've been doing. It's been a blast. Be on the look out for more streams!  - Spencer - 10/11/15



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